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Direct Response Mail 

After your present marketing and media mix are carefully evaluated to discover opportunities or problems in your niche market segments, and objectives are agreed upon, IMA offers a synergized direct response mail service that addresses any of the following:

  • Competitive analysis

  • Customer awareness of new products/services

  • Customer service

  • Dormant account reactivation

  • Inquiry qualification

  • Integration of direct response programs

  • Inter-company and intra-company sales

  • List account maintenance

  • Marginal account maintenance/sales

  • Market penetration

  • Market research

  • New product introduction

  • Niche marketing

  • Product testing

  • Profiling

  • Prospecting

  • Qualification/invitation of seminar or trade show attendees

  • Qualification/invitation of trade association membership

  • Quote follow-up

  • Sales support

  • Surveying markets

  • Test marketing


The direct mail equation of time and dollars invested, inquiries elicited, buying influences and specifiers identified, qualified leads cultivated, quotes generated, and sales achieved, provides the method of evaluating the return on investment yielded by the program, and provides a method of projecting and controlling future direct response mail programs.

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