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The methodology to develop a Marketing Plan has evolved through 25 years of analyzing niche market segments for clients in manufacturing of raw materials, components, ingredients and finished products.


The development of the plan involves input from all management areas.  This process focuses on six categories and fourteen steps.  The categories are;

  1. Observation

  2. Objectives

  3. Rank

  4. Strategy

  5. Tasks

  6. Evaluation


A Market Research initiative can be pursued with or without the development of a Marketing Plan.  Research objectives may include a comprehensive understanding of the markets in which you compete, the position of your products/services in those markets and the position of these products/services of your major competitors.


Keeping your pulse on customers and prospects requires a best practice approach with these four categories and eighteen subheadings:

  • Definition of Data

  • Planning

  • Building

  • Current & Future Uses


We use a Seven Steps Approach to Create a B-to-B Telephone Sales Lead Generation Program 


With the increasing pressure to close sales in a timely manner, a well thought out telephone lead generation program is an essential component of a successful Sales Group. Customizing this program to the specific sales and marketing structure of your company becomes essential to maintain a robust pipeline flowing. The following disciplined process focuses upon the unique marketing system within your particular company, which is part of an overall Strategic Marketing Plan.  Seven steps include;


Step #1 Orientation

Step #2 Observation

Step #3 Objectives

Step #4 Database

Step #5 Target

Step #6 Strategy

Step #7 Customized Script Guide and Test Program

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