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The methodology to develop a Marketing Plan has evolved through 25 years of analyzing niche market segments for clients in manufacturing of raw materials, components, ingredients and finished products.


The development of the plan involves input from all management areas.  This process focuses on six categories and fourteen steps.  The categories are;

  1. Observation

  2. Objectives

  3. Rank

  4. Strategy

  5. Tasks

  6. Evaluation


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The fourteen steps;
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  1. observe the sales environment

  2. review the marketing plan, sales process, and markets

  3. identify opportunities or problems

  4. translate opportunities into objective terminology

  5. rank objectives in priority order

  6. set objectives in a test market period

  7. choose the strategy

  8. identify the tasks necessary to implement the strategy

  9. identify the costs relating to these tasks

  10. determine the budget requirement, objective and strategy

  11. establish the budget

  12. identify a method for evaluating performance

  13. establish an evaluation method to provide the basis for new observations

  14. implement a test program

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